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Brand Protection

Brighten Your World. Don’t Fall for Fakes.

LuMee Case is the original patented and illuminated cell phone case with a reputation for world-class quality. With celebrity fans and customers around the world, it's no surprise that unauthorized third-party retailers try to pass counterfeit products as the real deal. The LuMee trademark enforcement team works closely with law enforcement and has made a number of arrests, including felony charges of trademark counterfeiting. In addition, LuMee works closely with Customs and Border Protection, identifying and seizing counterfeit cases coming into the country.

It’s Not a Night Without a LuMee Light. Your authentic LuMee Case comes with a 1 year warranty and soft, beautiful light to help you look your best, day and night. Unfortunately with a counterfeit “LuMee” case, we can’t provide support, but we can tell you where to find a real LuMee Case to shine bright everyday.

Not Sure a LuMee Case is a LuMee Case? Make sure to purchase directly from LuMee or from one of our reputable, authorized partners.

Watch Out for That “Deal”. There are many suspect listings on various third party sites such as eBay, Craigslist and Amazon/ Always check to make sure you are buying from LuMee.  We do not sell authentic LuMee cases on sites such as Alibaba and DHGate.  We also see a number of “look-alike” products that use the LuMee name to advertise cases that do not meet our stringent quality standards. 

Prevent Subpar Selfies. Interested in helping others shine bright? Report counterfeits to



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