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#WCW Lexi Fargo

Meet Aleksandra Fargo AKA @lexifargo. Known for being fashionable and well traveled, this up and coming influencer will inspire you with her chic looks and destination travel shots. We asked Lexi to give us the rundown on what it's like being a full time traveler and what makes her stand out in the fashion world...

Would you consider yourself a Girlboss, Globetrotter, Style Star?

I would say I’m a mix of Globetrotter and Style Star. I travel for my work a great deal and even my pilot friend laughs at me saying I’m on a plane more often than him. I would also consider myself a style star because there are many people around me who are inspired by my outfits. Friends also come to me to help style them. I love how people inspire me and hopefully I inspire them, it’s one of the great joys in my life.


Tell us about your journey and how you became an influencer?

I’ve always loved fashion and putting together outfits and thought Instagram would be a good place to show my fashions to my friends. I never thought I would have so many people following me and watching my day to day life on this platform. It really fascinates me and motivates me to do more with my page. It’s lovely hearing I cheer people up with my silliness or inspire them through my outfits. My followers are like my family- I appreciate them and am so grateful to have them.


Give us a quick rundown of your typical day?

Honestly it changes everyday. What I can tell you for sure is that I’m NOT a morning person (at all). And every chance I have to sleep in, I do! This is usually followed with the gym and sauna to wake me up. If it’s a work day I’ll meet with my boss and sort out all the various issues then in the evening return home, cook dinner and watch some tv. If I can see my friends in the evening for a glass of champagne then that’s always a bonus. My everyday life is quite mundane but I do travel extensively and that is a lot fun. I am very interested in seeing the world and how other people in different cultures live.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classy chic.


What inspires you?

Literally anything ... My surroundings, nature, friends, fashion, and travel. I could be watching a documentary, going for a walk or visiting an interesting local market in downtown Bombay , I get inspired by any number of different things.


What is your life mantra/favorite quote?

Worrying won’t stop bad things from happening , it just stops you from enjoying the good. Do what makes you happy.


What is your favorite place you’ve traveled?

Oh! That is such a good question although quite a tough one. Many people ask me this and to be honest its really hard to narrow it down to one. There are so many beautiful and amazing places in this world that are all very different from each other. But what I can say is definitely the most unique places I’ve spent time in would be the Seychelles, Patagonia and Hawaii, the beauty of the nature in these remote corners of the world are absolutely breathtaking.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t worry, everything is going to work out in the end.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career path similar to yours?

Stay strong and positive. Keep trying and don’t let people put you off your goals, if you make a mistake great, learn from it and don’t make the same mistake again. As the English would say “stay calm and keep going”

How do you deal with stress?


Champagne ? Well, if i am down and really not feeling myself I definitely play music and have a glass of bubbles and believe it or not, I get a lot of satisfaction out of cleaning my house… I’ve got massive “OCD”so yes, its a good stress reliever. Also going for a run outside in the parks or for a walk and getting some fresh air helps a lot. Worst case scenarios I call my mum - she always got wise words and advice to give.

Two women who inspire you daily?

My mum and my best friend Efka. My mum because she’s just got so much love in her and is always so happy and positive. She literally doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. Growing up it was just me and her and as a single parent it was really tough for her to try to provide for us and make sure we were okay. She just kept going and made sure we had enough to be happy and get through the day, week, month. Efka my dear friend , on the other hand is a super strong person, the ultimate epitome of a girl boss. If she’s got something to say to you, she’s blunt and straight to the point . And the best part is at her work place she is surrounded by men and because of how strong she is she just keeps rising in her organization and shining like the superstar that she is.

Any new projects/collabs coming out in the near future?

Yes, Im working on a fashion project. But won’t talk about it yet as don't want to jinx it!

Let’s talk Instagram. Honest opinions on the platform?

Its great ! I love that you can adjust it to your own interests. If you like cats there’s lots of accounts on them, if you love Chanel similarly there is a huge amount of information about that brand. But more than anything, I love the freedom it's given me to be able to express myself. I incorporate my personal style and outfits with the places I’m lucky enough to travel to. And the fact I can be me and my own boss while doing that even more fulfilling. I also love that it lets you be your own story teller. You're able to post stories from your daily life and engage with so many people all over the world. Its just mind blowing having this type of technology in the palm of you hands (literally).


Favorite Instagram account(s) that you follow?

Oh, Ive got a few! Love seeing what other girls are doing/posting/traveling because it gives me inspiration or new ideas of things I could be doing or how I could style a new outfit. But to name a few @leoniehanne, @amynevfashiondiaries @marta_sierra, and @fashionismyfortee.


If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The little black dress. You can literally style it in any way you want. It can be simple for day time or can be glammed up with a red lip and you are ready to rock and roll for a night on the town.

Favorite makeup/beauty product?

I’ve got 3 products that I cannot live without.

First: Rose water by Mario Badescu which i use on my hair. After washing them on towel tried hair i spray it, it makes it so much easier to comb your hair and it also makes it super soft ! I swear by it and have used it for years.

Second: Epsom salts which I add to my baths, they have soothing benefits for your mind, body and soul.

Third : Sarah Chapman face roller which i use twice a day in the morning and evening and makes my face feel so much better, it relaxes my muscles and makes my face more defined.

How do you spend your free time?

Going to the gym, swimming, walking or the sauna. I love being outside so I walk a lot, especially while living in London where traffic is terrible. Reading a book or spending time with my close friends. I love going to my favorite places in town - as I'm always looking for a good reason to dress up and have some fun. And of course cleaning my house - that OCD just wont leave me alone :)

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