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Our tips to for night-time photography.





Try an App like Cortex Cam.

The app combines multiple exposures to create a smooth, less-grainy image.


Pick a higher ISO.

This avoids any blurriness you might get while taking hand-held pictures.


Shoot after it rains.

Cityscapes look amazing right after it’s rained…use the wet streets and the reflection of the city lights into your photos.


Keep your iPhone steady.  

Blurry shots are usually the result of camera movement during the exposure. Steady your phone on a solid object—then take the picture.

If you are having trouble with the phone shaking when you press the screen to tap the shutter release, try plugging in your Apple earbuds and use the volume buttons as a remote shutter.


Look for “pools” of light.

From street lights or ambient building lighting... Place your subject into these “pools’ of light” to add drama to your image.


Use lights in the background as leading lines.

This brings the viewer’s eyes toward the subject.


Shoot through raindrops on windows.

Focus on the water droplets on the window and wait for someone to walk by. The result? A moody, amazing image.


Shoot after sunset and before sunrise.

You will still get the lights of the city, but you’ll also get some interesting detail from the sky.


Use the HDR setting to capture highlights and shadows.

When you activate the High Dynamic Range (HDR) setting on your phone, it will allow you to capture images with more range than with a regular exposure.  

If your exposure is longer, then plan to activate the timer on the phone, so you don’t have to touch the shutter release button.



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