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IG DOs and don'ts




Over a billion people use Instagram. The hype is real and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

That’s why we put together this list of tips—so your presence can be on the up and up.



DO pick a theme and stay consistent.

DO post once a day.

DO research hashtags related to your photo (and use them!)

DO geotag your photo.

DO tag accounts that might feature your photo.

DO use stories (they are very popular now with the new algorythm).

DOproduce video content.

DO include a call to action in your caption (point people to bio or ask a question).

DO get your lighting straight (we’re here to help you).

DO get creative. Have fun and make mistakes!



DON’T set your account to private.

DON’T post low-quality photos.

DON’Tfeel like you have to use a camera. Your phone is amazing!

DON’Toveruse filters. If you’re lightings right, your photos will be right.

DON’T buy followers. It’s tempting but people will figure it out!

DON’Tuse Instagram only for promotion. People want to see the real you!

DON’T post stock photos. Create your own beautiful images!

DON’T use the same photo more than once.

DON’T be spammy. Be real. Be authentic. Be you

DON’Tuse hashtags that are too common. It will be hard to stand out.



Now grab your LuMee and get snapping. Xx


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